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Acne Pistol Boots

Normally I am not one of those crazy shoe gals who can go nuts over a pair of Louboutins and talk about them over and over again. Surely I can see a pair of shoes that takes my breath away and admittedly sometimes save the photo of them and use it as my screensaver, but my point is that it is quite rare for a pair of shoes to actually stay on my mind for days, weeks, or even months.

However this is the case with the Pistol Boots from Acne. I have stopped counting the times I went into their online shop, chosen my shoe size, and shut the window down again as I suddenly remembered how much they costs. Still I can’t stop thinking about them and therefore I would now like to share them with you (even though you probably have seen them a ton of times already).

At the moment I would characterize the Pistol Boots as the perfect shoe; mostly because of their applicability, no matter how old fashioned that sounds. Their medium height makes it out for the ideal pair of shoes whether you are off to work or going dancing and they can easily fit with everything from skinny high-waisted jeans or a short chiffon dress.

The leather is now available in all sorts of colours which make it even harder to decide between the soft black, light grey, dark brown, and amber. Besides these oh so lovely hues they all have this long leather strap attached to the golden zipper on the side which makes it out for stunning little details together with the noticeable stitching on the leather.

Luckily the shoe brand Gardenia has made a pair similar to the ones by Acne if these are too pricey.

Top photos by Gardenia from and other photos by Acne from

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