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Luxurious cocktail wear

Kamola is the name of a new high-end womenswear brand just launched this year during London Fashion Week.

The new label’s first collection is feminine yet seductive with a range of luxurious evening dresses. Inspired by the epochs of Film Noir Kamola focuses on the femininity and shows how this can be explored and played with throughout details as silk draped across the body, puff sleeves, a long silver zipper on the back, and one bare shoulder. Along with the short cocktail dresses Kamola also shows how elegant evening wear can still be modern and a bit revealing. Without loosing the formal touch the label adds a bare shoulder and a slit in one of the sides of a dark velvet dress or a bare back covered with thin silver chains on a black silk dress with puff sleeves.

Femininity is the key word for this collection and it’s delightful to see how loyal the label is to their inspirational source. The way the rich fabrics like silk, lace, velvet, satins, and silk wool has been taken in on this collection makes it even more thorough as they truly keep it simple with the feminine design. In the other hand these creations can be worn by some many different personalities which give the dresses even more opportunities.

Heavy silk dresses with puff sleeves take us back to the time we dreamed about becoming a princess one day, a see-through able black lace blouse with one sleeve make your mind wonder off to French, seductive, and provoking females, and the velvet jacket and trousers makes you wish you were a powerful and independent woman who got to wear this suit every single day.

The collection is beautifully made and contains items every girl would envy. Even though most of the designs are kept in dark hues there are surprising and refreshing colours as sharp red and soft purple. Either way the creations are not only extremely gorgeous, but wearable as well.

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Photos from their look book

Photographer: Simian Coates

Make-up artist: Ann-Cathrine Rino

Hair: Suzanne Lightnegger

Model: Julia Schweizer

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